Unleash the Power of MemeCoins: TrollFace Coin’s $2M Revolution

Discover How Trollface Coin is Setting a New Standard in MemeCoins with $2 Million in Community Giveaways

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4 min readNov 28, 2023

Welcome to the future of memecoins, brought to you by the expert Sandman Team.

In a digital landscape filled with various tokens, we’re thrilled to unveil something truly groundbreaking: Trollface Coin.

Trollface Coin stands out as more than a mere memecoin; it represents a groundbreaking revolution in community engagement and rewards.

NFT Trollface

Trollface Coin — A MemeCoin that Gives Back to the Community

At the core of Trollface Coin lies our deep commitment to our community. Standing out in the memecoin market, we’re not just promising a new token; we’re delivering a new era of community benefits.

With an impressive $2 million in rewards, we’re redefining the standard for how memecoins can and should empower their users. This is our way of giving back — a memecoin that truly returns the favor.

Innovation in the Trollface Coin Presale

The “Virtual Presale Token” System and Stealth Launch

In our quest to redefine the presale experience, Trollface Coin introduces the innovative “Virtual Presale Token” system, a cornerstone of our “Stealth Presale” strategy.

This cutting-edge approach is specifically designed to tackle prevalent issues in memecoin launches, such as liquidity theft and the disruptive activities of sniper bots.

During the presale, instead of immediately receiving tokens, buyers will be credited with a virtual balance on our platform.
This balance represents the quantity of Trollface Coin they are entitled to, ensuring a fair and secure allocation for all participants.

The Stealth Presale Advantage

What sets our presale apart is the implementation of a “Stealth Presale” method.

Stealth Presale for Trollface Coin

In this approach, the actual token address will be revealed only after the liquidity is securely added.

This strategic move is a game-changer in enhancing security, as it effectively shields the launch from the prying activities of bots.

By keeping the token address concealed until the crucial moment, we ensure a level playing field, fostering trust and confidence among our early investors.

This innovative combination of the “Virtual Presale Token” system with the “Stealth Presale” methodology not only elevates the security of the launch but also reinforces our commitment to creating a stable and equitable trading environment right from the outset.

Phases of the Presale

Our presale is meticulously structured into distinct phases, each tailored to maximize engagement and value for early investors:

1.Duration and Structure:

  • Spanning 2 months, the presale will be divided into 8 rounds, each lasting 7 days.

2.Differentiated Rounds:

  • Each round will offer unique conditions, with a variety of token prices and limits.
  • Token prices will progressively increase, rewarding early investors with more favorable rates.

3.Presale Races and Earning Opportunities:

  • Presale races will be activated upon reaching specific milestones, driving continuous investment and interest.
  • These races will be exclusive opportunities for participants with a virtual balance, offering additional rewards and benefits.
  • Participants will have the chance to earn significant returns by engaging in these races, making the presale not just an investment but also a lucrative opportunity.

A Self-Deflationary Economy for Sustainable Value

Trollface Coin is built to last.

Our self-deflationary economy will ensure a gradual decrease in the total number of tokens in circulation, promising long-term stability and value. This strategy is not just innovative; it’s transformative in the memecoin universe.

More Than a MemeCoin, an Entertainment Platform

Trollface Coin will transcend the typical memecoin; it’s set to become an entire entertainment ecosystem.

The integration with a gaming and betting platform will be realized if specific milestones are completed, offering an engaging and enjoyable experience.
This will be more than an investment; it’s an entry into a world brimming with entertainment and opportunities.


Trollface Coin is more than a memecoin; it’s a pledge to our community. With cutting-edge technology, a self-deflationary approach, and a focus on fun and engagement, we’re not just launching a token — we’re creating a legacy.

Join us on this thrilling journey and be a part of a community that’s reshaping the memecoin world.

Are you ready to join the revolution?

Participate in our presale and become an integral member of the Trollface Coin community.

Visit our website for more details and take your first step into a realm where your involvement truly counts.

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