The new DeFi Protocol: Kurama

In these days where the complexity of the business logic of the DeFi space is increasing, we often find ourselves limited in the tools available.

We also had multiple problems unrelated to the implemented logic such as the instability of the 3rd layer blockchain that we had to solve in different ways.

From the Sandman Team we set ourselves the goal to improve the space by bringing our experience and skills.

The Sandman Finance Team proudly presents the Smart NFTs Complex Tokenomics Defi Protocol: Kurama.

What is Kurama Protocol ?

The kurama protocol is an open-source hybrid solution composed of on-chain and off-chain systems. And it consists of the following components:

  • Extended Sandman MasterChef. A complete new MasterChef with more features than even seen before: support for ownership token, and Distributed Autonomous Treasurey (DAT).
  • Support for SMART NFT farming. NFTs are a core feature of the protocol. Our NFTs have actual functionality on our platform.
  • Antibot System. Helps detect boots that attack initial liquidity using behavioral analisys. Using AI techniques, this system determins if a wallet is an actual community member or a bot. If the systems detects a bot, this get blacklisted. For extra info, check here.
  • Distributed Autonomous Treasury. A way to redistribute earns in our community. For extra info, check here.
  • Set of Extra Smart Contracts. Auxiliary smart contract to keep as much as possible on-chain, but still relying some executions off-chain.
  • NodeJs scripts to invoke logic actions in Smart Contracts. Some smart contracts needs extra logic off-chain. This works in tamdem with the smart contracts.
  • Integration with Open Zeppelin. The top leaders in Smart Contract Security.

Each item will be expanded in an article of its own.

Kurama Protocol Development Status

Currently the protocol is in active development status by the Sandman Finance Dev team.

After the Kurama Protocol is tested in production and reaches expected maturity, it will be released as open-source project.

How to learn more about Kurama Protocol?

This is the first post of a serie of docs, tutorials and How-To’s. So stay tuned for more info.

But if you are eager to see it working, you’ll see it fully working on Sandman Version 2.

How Do I Stay Updated?

Keep up to date with the latest news and resources:









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