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3 min readMay 1, 2022

As the possibilities of all that can be done in the Sandman universe continue to advance, we want to focus on providing the best strategies that the community can take advantage of.

On Wednesday, May 4, 2022, the possibility to merge different NFTs into more powerful ones will be enabled.

What is Endless NFTs?

The Endless NFTs are the conjunction of the 7 generations of NFTs that we have been publishing in our platform.

One for each existing Endless: Dream, Delirium, Despair, Desire, Destruction, Destiny, Death.

The only way to get the Endless NFT will be to merge the 7 cards from the past layers. One card per generation.

In this way, we will reward the loyal community that helped us in the whole process of the project.

Benefits of the Endless NFTs

The benefits we can list (among others) are:

More earnings on Farming

By having an endless NFT, more staking power is obtained.
Being the union of 7 cards, the merge formula allows this NFT to be more powerful than the uncombined cards.

At least a 33% improvement over the 7 cards not combined will be obtained.

VIP early access to Sandman V2

You’ll be able to get an early access and a discount price (presale) to the Sandman V2 platform.

Extra governance votes

Your vote will be more relevant if you use this merge NFT. Also, by having more “staking power”, your desitions at Snapshot will have more impact in our project.

Limited edition

It can only be obtained through the merge of the 7 generations, and there will be no direct sale of this card from our team.

More Battle Power

In all games that are currently in development we will use these NFTs as action figures.
By having Endless NFTs, we will have a considerable advantage over the other non-combined cards.

The best merge strategy

We understand that there are many ways to perform this merge.
So we propose some that seem to us the most interesting:

Merge 3 cards (maximum) of each generation first, and then merge all of them into a “super” Endless NFTs.

This way you’ll have the change to get the highest Power Staking available.
Every Layer NFT will be at its best before merging all-into-endless.

But… what happens if I don’t have one of the previous Generation NFTS? Don’t worry. We opened a new previous layer NFT sale.

If you are missing one of the previous NFTs, just go and buy it now! You can merge once you have all of them.

The next best thing

If you can’t buy the remaining to get 21 NFTs to merge each generation, try doing it with as many as possible. That way, you’ll get as close as possible to the most powerful combination.

How to merge

NFT Cards power will be unique and generated randomly.

To get to the merge page, please click here:

In there, you’ll be able to select your previous layers generation NFTs. Once selected, the NFTs will be taken to the contract and merge.

Last step will be for you to claim your Endless NFT.

Enjoy the Endless Benefits!!!

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