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Sandman Finance Tech Journey So Far — Heading to V2

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3 min readFeb 12, 2022

The Sandman Finance Team is proud to recap the long journey that we had since the early beginnings of the project until now.

The year 2021 was a frenetic race in the DeFi world. With historical highs in the BTC price, and catastrophic drops, the space underwent many modifications. Communities became experts.

In our beginnings, the project was born as many others as a clone of Goose, in order to start as fast as possible. However, we soon realized that it was necessary to provide the community with things that differentiate us, and make them choose us in the following months.

We achieve a full refactor of both backend and frontend code

In our opinion, the value that was added in the DeFi world was a lot and we want to make a retrospective with everything that was done.

In each of the layers we generated new features, improved existing ones, and even did things that had never been done before.

In this article we will make a recap of the features that we created as unique in our platform.

What people see: Look & Feel

Although there are many ways to interact with smart contracts (console, browsers, etc.), the UI/UX of the platform is still the most used way.

It is the way in which the community interacts with what happens on the Blockchain.

So we took the trouble to redesign from 0 the complete frontend of the application. Where we highlight the following items:

1. In our first layer we started as a clone of Goose, adopting a variation of its frontend.

2. In the successive layers we made improvements within the overall user experience.

3. In our layer 7, death, we inaugurated a frontend completely written from scratch by our technical team.

The benefits it brought to the community was to have a better user experience, with all the features more accessible and faster.

A special note should be written for the handling of NFTs on our platform.We are the only ones who use visual selectors for NFTs.

Smart Contracts — The app backbone

The backbone of logic in blockchain is given by the Smart Contracts that are executed in the network.

As said before, we started as a Goose clone. But for Layer 7, and the upcoming version 2, we can say that we have Smart Contracts fully customized to the unique features we offer in our platform.

We humbly acknowledge that there are other projects that are already cloning our contracts. We take that as a compliment.

Although we never lost the essence of using a MasterChef, which is a main contract that takes care of all the farming, we modified the capabilities of the MasterChef.

Both to add features and to optimize what already existed.

Support for NFTs

Our app started to support all the management of the 7 NFT cards (generations) we have.

From the beginning we did not support NFTs, and we got to the point that NFTs modify the actions that can be done on the platform.

NFTs are the backbone of the platform now

In our latest masterchef, which was used in Layer 7, and will later be used in Version 2: we can point out that NFTs are currently used to deposit in the contract.

This way rewards are boosted, lockup time is lowered, and many other benefits.

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