Despair Sandman Finance Layer 3 will have a dividend pool in PolySage

We are proud to present this great partnership Despair Sandman.Finance layer 3— PolySage.

Both projects have the same layered strategy, caring for the community and maximizing returns for investors.

Joint Actions

As part of our collaboration you will see:

  • Gray Kingdom Stake Despair and earn Sage— $5000 worth of tokens.
  • On PolySage you’ll see a Stake Sage, Earn Delirium pool.

Great to be part of this community!!

Sage Gray Kingdom Timeline

  • Deposit Available at: October 9th —10:00 UTC Approx.
  • Farming Starts at: October 10th — 23:00 UTC Approx.
  • Duration: 5 days.

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