Sandman Finance Layer 3 Recap

Great stuff in this layer!

We want to highlight all the great stuff that happened on this layer 3 — Despair.

In this layer, we saw the second generation of NFTs. Delirium NFTs are out.

We were able to have three gray kingdoms in this layer:

  1. Polysage Rewards.
  2. PearZap Rewards.
  3. Mai finance Rewards.

On each one, we were able to reward our loyal community.

This great partnership allowed us to have a great vault powered by a great AMM: JetSwap.

+3.5M TVL

It was great to see the trust of the community in the project in numbers. We are grateful and humble for this.

Community growth

It was great to see the community grow to 20K Members on Telegram and Twitter combined.

Thank you for your Support!

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