Sandman Finance is on Discord

In an effort to improve the experience of the entire Sandman Finance community we opened our Discord Server.

With the complexity required to interact between community members, and maintain a more orderly theme, we decided to use Discord to help simplify communications.

Our technical team and our marketing team went to great lengths to achieve an optimal, secure and orderly setup to discuss all topics that are of interest to the community.

Among the topics we are going to deal with we can name:

  1. General information about the project.
  2. Communities of different languages. Currently English and Spanish.
  3. Everything about Kurama protocol.
  4. Education and recipes to optimize the use of our platform.
  5. Our new audit service.
  6. Any feedback that the community wants to give us.

Discord Server:

Kurama Protocol

On our Discord server, you will find the main place to find a community around Kurama Protocol.
Questions, suggestions, implementations, etc. will be discussed in the Discord channels.
If you wish to implement the protocol in your project, please contact us through the specific channels.

Audit Service

In our Discord server, you can request, review and consult about all the audits we are performing in our team.

We are currently focusing on auditing projects using Kurama Protocol. Soon we will expand to other types of audits.

How Do I Stay Updated?

Keep up to date with the latest news and resources:









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