Sandman.Farm uses OpenZeppelin Defender for enhanced security

Securing SAFUness using best security practices

We are committed to providing the community with the best experience. Both in our apps and in the security of our contracts.

Using the best tools available is a factor that helps us achieve that commitment.

That’s why at we use OpenZepellin Defender as our main DevOps tool.

OpenZeppelin provides security products to build, automate, and operate decentralized applications that have made it a favorite tool for Ethereum developers.

The use of this tool allows us to improve security practices, minimize threats and be constantly updated on the best actions to take for our community members.

With This tool we’ll be able to:

  • Admin tool: Automate and secure all our smart contract administration

Our community security is one of our top priorities. This is how we achieve it.

Sandman Farm uses gnosis safe (multsigs) to get the presale funds.
Liquidity is going to be added automatically by a contract created by our core dev team

This is a diagram of how we use it.

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