Sandman Farm, a Tale of long term dream

Project Long Term Road Map explained

Volume 1 — Preludes and Nocturnes

Prison and Liberation of Morpheous from the Endless

  • Chapter 1: Death — Death and Venice
  • Chapter 2: Desire — What I’ve Tasted of Desire
  • Chapter 3: Dream — The Heart of a Star
  • Chapter 4: Despair — Fifteen Portraits of Despair
  • Chapter 5: Delirium
  • Chapter 6: Destruction — On the Peninsula
  • Chapter 7: Destiny — Endless Nights
  • Diff strategies for launching.
  • Diff benefits for previous token owners.
  • Pools with native tokens
  • Pools with non-native token.

Volume 2 — The Doll’s House

Sandman is reborn!

  1. New Sandman Token, transformed from Volume 1.
  2. Farming
  3. DEX
  4. AMM
  5. IFO

Volume 4 — Season of Mists

Sandman journey in hell

  1. NFTs

Volume 5 — A Game of You

Stay Tuned!

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