NFTs Sale is On — Only 500 cards!

It’s time to release the second Sandman NFT: Delirium.

This sale started on Wednesday 13rd -15:00 UTC approx.

Each Card will have a value of $10. Only 500 Cards. Limited edition.

NFT Card Benefits

By holding the NFT card, you’ll get several benefits such as:

Kingdom Reward Boosting.

You’ll be able to boost your kingdom rewards, earning more than non-NFT investors. For extra details, please check here:

Decrease Harvest Lockup

You’ll be able to harvest your earning faster than the usual 4hs harvest lockup period. Could help your strategy!

Governance System

Be a part of the governance system that we put in place to help driving the project to the desire goal. You’ll be able to vote in proposals.

Increase NFT Skills

By using the NFT card, you’ll increase the “Experience” skill, thus making it more powerful for future uses.
Your NFT is level-able. Increase it!

Endless Battles

Get involved in epic battles with other characters and win rewards. Coming Soon.

Get your NFT and be a part of the community!

How Do I Stay Updated?

Keep up to date with the latest news and resources:








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