New Farm/Pools UI explained

In this new layer we have many surprises for the community.
Among them, we have a new MC that pays in addition to the native currency (Death), other items.
These items are related to the NFTs that we use to boost our earnings.

And here we are going to explain how to read each of these items on your screen.

  1. Death Earned: This is the amount that is being earned without any boost. This was classic masterchef farming.
  2. Lockup: Time that has to run out in order to Harvest earnings and compound.
  3. Boost: This is an extra value on top of death earned. This is calculated using diff skill values.
  4. Experience: This value is how much experience will be added to your NFT card once you harvest earnings.
  5. Staked (Coin): how much you deposit in that pool.
boost stake is presented in each card

As usual, we are improving our platform for Community earning benefit.


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Sandman Finance

Sandman Finance

Sandman Finance, the yield farm and blockchain platform that you can own!

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