Layer 5 Desire Recap

We want to highlight all the great stuff that happened on this layer 5— Desire.

Launch Type: Presale

On this layer we return to what seems to be the best launch type for our community: Presale.

After 5 layers, we can safely say that our community achieved the best results by having a presale.

This happens for many reasons:
1. There is more money for initial liquidity. The price stays higher for a longer period of time.
2. There is more budget for marketing.
3. There is more budget for BuyBacks.

So we’ll stick to presale in the next 2 layers.

Desire Kingdoms

We had 3 Desire Kingdoms for a total value of $6K.


We had great partnerships on this layer:

  1. Crystl.Finance. They provided Vaults.
  2. PolyCat. We had some cross-farming with them.


As usual, you where able to use your NFTs and get Experience.
Merge is coming soon!

Next Layer: Destiny

Next layer is coming very soon. Presale will start on December 27th.

We’ll have a great tokenomics for our community.

Docs will be out in no-time.

Stay tuned!

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Sandman Finance

Sandman Finance

Sandman Finance, the yield farm and blockchain platform that you can own!

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