Destiny Presale Week Timeline

Layer 6 presale week timeline

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2 min readDec 26, 2021

We are entering the last week of the year, and at the same time, the presale week of layer 6: Destiny.
So we are excited to end the year in the best possible way, sharing another layer with our community.

In this article we are going to share some events scheduled for this week.

Destiny Presale

In this layer 6 we are going to have a presale of the $INSTICT token.
We will only have 5,000 tokens.
So don’t miss out.

The presale starts Monday 27th at 15:00 UTC.

For more information, please check here:

Destiny Kingdom (dividen pool)

As every presale, we want to reward project supporters by sharing dividends with them.

So we have a Destiny Kingdom (dividend pool) ready for them, a few hours after Presale starts.

You’ll be able to earn miMatic with your $instict (presale token)

So hurry up and join presale here:

NFT Generation 4

Public Sale

We will have a limited sale of Desire (Generation 4) NFTs starting December 27th at 16:00 UTC.

Only 100 NFTs availables

For more information, please check here:

Top 50 Presale Holders Airdrop

As usual, we’ll reward the top 50 project supporters with a NFT each.

If you are in the top 50 presale token holders, you’ll be able to claim a NFT in our platform.

Hurry up, and join presale!!

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