Desire — Layer 5 Main Features

New Features on this layer

After a great Layer 4, It’s our great pleasure to present to you Sandman Finance Layer 5: Desire.
It’s time to see how we’ll continue on this 7 layer path.

Let’s dive in the dream!

The best way to add project liquidity, and avoid Bots. The fairest of all launch strategies.

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DESIRE token has a fixed max supply of 500,000.

We are implementing bot detection techniques to safeguard real investors in our community.

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We took farms and went one step further to help the community achieve higher profits where they perform auto-compounding without the need for investor interaction.

The most advanced vaults in the Defi space

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For those who want the classic way to farm their coins, you can do it in this project.

We’ll host a NFT Generation #3 Sale on this layer. More info please check here:

In this layer we’ll have NFT Merge feature!

If you have several cards of the same generation, you’ll be able to merge into a powerful one.

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We’ll have several Desire Kingdoms (Dividend Pools), where you’ll stake Desire and earn other token (Rewards).

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We believe that the DeFi space is all about collaboration.

So we have set up a partnership program for projects, in which we join forces to achieve great results.

We do this through 4 types of joint actions:

  1. Rewards Kingdoms (Dividend Pools)
  2. Cross Farming
  3. Vaults
  4. Cross Marketing

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and More Features are coming!

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