Benefits of the transfer fee

In the case of Sandman Finance, we studied in depth the use of fees, and the impact it will have on our community.
Many times we think of fees as a mechanism to collect money. For the mere fact of using a service.
However, we understand that it can be used as a way to protect loyal community members from “quick-dump” users.

Main Benefits

The main benefit is to incentivize investors to holdover the token, so that it sustains and acquires greater value over time.

In the case of Sandman Finance, this fee is then managed by our Distributed Autonomous Treasury (DAT).
Returning in the form of profits for those who are Endless Token stakers.

Sandman Finance Toolbox

As part of our commitment that this fee is only a mechanism to protect our community, we developed a toolbox with the ability to add liquidity to the AMM without paying this transfer fee.

All of our platform services are exempt from this fee.

This ensures that we are able to incentivize investors to float the token, and reward community members by not charging them this fee.

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