AMA with Sandman Finance @ Matic News

Trasnscript of a great interview @ Matic News

As part of our community engage effort, we have an AMA before every layer launch. So we did for Destruction

This was a great AMA, and we want to share it with you.

Questions — Answers

Q: New layer 4 with multiple news! no anymore presale as first two layers but fair launch as in the layer 3. But with general improvements. Please tell us which are your achievements in term of TVL !

A: Last Layer was a good layer. We had a lot of things going on.
Regarding TVL, we achieve +3.5M. Which was great.

Also, we had:

  • NFTs second Generation

And more…

Q: confirmations😁 Please tell us the key features of the Destruction Layer!

A: Of course!

We have exiting features for this layer.

  1. We have a great new antibot system. Developed by our own dev team. Awesome stuff.

3. We are working on a brand new NFT marketplace.

4. We’ll have an autoswap. To move all your investment from layer 4 to layer 5 fast and efficient.

5. Vaults for native and past layer tokens.

6. New Partnership program.

So a lot going on!

Q: Wow. I’m especially interested about the autoswap, never saw something like this in the other layered. Wise idea have it, this will make easier to remain always on board in your project

Exactly. Our idea is to simplify the process. No more unstaking, and staking again. Just click a button and you are ready for next layer farming.

Q: Do tell us more about the generation 2 of your nfts! Talking about NFTs sale, are card limited + what can you do with your NFTs cards this layer?

NFT’s Generation 2 are Delirium NFTs.
By having 2 diff characters NFTs, we are getting closer to NFTs battles. So that is coming too.

Yes. Card are limited. We are going to release a limited batch. Shortly after that we’ll have a NFT sale.

So far, you can Boost your Farming, and get extra rewards on the platform. A lot more to come. Now that we have 2 NFT’s out.

Q: Which is the new anti bot function?

That is a brand new feature that the Sandman Finance Dev team has develop. It’s a security upgrade to our contracts that allow us to detect bots. Every time a bot is detected, gets blacklisted.

you can check in detail how it works here:

A blacklisted address will become a “forever” holder.
So, if any bot actually buy our token. That bot wont be able to transfer in any way. Would be the same as sending that amount to the DEAD address.

Q: Talking about positive stuff, Are there any partnership in program?

Yes. We have a brand new partnership program in place.

We think that in the DeFi space, Collaboration is a must. It provides trust. More partnerships = more trust , both from the community and from your fellow projects.

So we decided to launch a partnership program, where we have a lot of joint actions with our partners.

1. Rewards Kingdoms (Dividend Pools)

2. Cross Farming

3. Vaults

4. Cross Marketing

Amongst other things.
For extra info about our partnership program, please check here:

Q: Vaults was a brilliant feature of the past layers, will they come also for this layer?

Totally. Vaults are a feature for the long run.

I don’t think that we can go back to no having vaults. It’s so useful. Very convenient feature.

In the past we had Beefy vaults, JetSwap vaults.

In this layer, we’ll have another great Vault provider. PolyCrystal.

But in addition to that, we’ll have vaults for our previous layer tokens. So Delirium and Despair can continue to earn rewards.

Q: For this layer, Which is the starting emission rate? Is it going to change after the farms start?

Emission is a hot topic. Mostly because impacts in farming duration time.

For his layer, we selected a low max supply, low emission schema. This way, we still have huge APRs as usual.

For full details about our tokenomics, please check here:

Q: Please for new audience do a small recap about your security measures. If you have any audit or KYC complete for this Layer 4. Past layers was, for public information, KYCed and Audited

Yes, sure. As usual, we take security very seriusly.

So we have RugDoc Low Risk assestment + KYC

On top of that, we have Audit-SC also Low Risk.

That is on external audits.

On internal measures, we have our codes updated to the latest Open Zepellin Contracts.

Q: Last but not least, what do you think about the actual moment of polygon network ?

Polygon is a great network. Very strong community. And always improving the tech stack.

Overall we are very happy here.

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