AMA at Matic News

On 8/17 with got an AMA at the well-known Telegram Community Polygon News.

This is what happened.

Q: Let’s kick start with an introduction of you and your team, which are your past experiences and roles?

A: We’re a multidisciplinary team. Tech, finance, marketing, and design among others. Extremely passionate and detailed oriented.
We’ve been in the crypto space since the early days of Bitcore wallet. Working side by side with long-term projects since Blockchain Layer 1. NFT for Real Asset Tokenization was another area that we worked on.

Q: Why did you choose this name?

Our team has a very strong artistic footprint. Music, graphics, literature.
So we wanted a name and theme that would allow us to get those creative juices flowing.
Sandman is a great dark fantasy comic series, a whole universe.
So we are very excited about the endless possibilities for artwork.
All of our artwork is original, all characters are original

Q: If someone don’t know, why should invest in it instead of the other thousands of farms?

Because our project is a well-crafted project all-around. Check the details, you’ll see.
The amount of manpower in this project shows that we are a long-term project, not a quick-buck turnaround.
When you check our project: you see innovation, passion, intend to improve broken “old-ways”, art.
From the very beginning, we implemented things like “Morpheus dream kingdoms” which rewards presale token owners. We are providing value to a swap token… crazy! $5000 DAI!!

Why? To show that we are unique amongst all farms.

Q: Which DEX are you going to use as start liquidity?
Quick Swap.
We are in conversation with others DEX for partnerships and collaborations.
But we need to iron-up details before announcing.

Sensitive Data here :)

Q: Do tell us, which are the use case of $MORPHEUS and $SANDMAN ?

Morpheus is a presale swap token and Sandman is a Layer 1 Utility token. You’ll be able to swap the 1:1 Morpheus-Sandman ratio. But that was part of our innovation: We converted Morpheus into a utility token as well.

If you bought Morpheus in our soldout Presale, you’ll be able to stake in one of our “Morpheus Dream Kingdoms” and earn rewards. Just for staking your presale swap token. Ties up on what makes us different.

Q: Is there any plan to have new layer? How they can give benefit to hodlers?

We have plans for multiple layers.

Sandman farm has a long-term vision, where the first part is inspired in the first 7 chapters of the comic series: chapter 1 to 7 — “Prison and the release of Sandman from the Endless”.

This means that we’ll have a 7 layer schema: max supply, swap token by layer, and mainly multiple kingdom rewards for previous token layer owners.
As an example, you’ll be able to buy Delirium Token (layer 2) with Sandman at a premium price.

Q: Are going to be any vaults at launch? How they will work?

Yes, we have. After few days from farming will be activated.
We can say that our Vaults are farms with a higher degree of sophistication, where they perform autocoumponding without the need for investor interaction.
Basically, it harvests your rewards, sells half of it, adds liquidity again, and re-stakes that LP. All “automagically” for you.

Check more info here:

Q: Can you give us a spoiler of new layer function?

This is always a very dinamic space. Things changes weekly.
But we have some things baking backstage: We are innovating in multiple areas: tokenomics, security, artwork.

We are implementing new ways to revenue-share with the community. Long term spoiler: DAO.

Q: Let’s talk about the tokenomics of actual layer, which is yours and why did you choose this!

That is a great question. And also very controversial.

For this firsts layer, we choose the following pillars: presale, max supply, and controlled emission.

We selected that launch strategy to provide a more predictable liquidity. Max supply and controlled emission to have a better long plan strategy.

As said, we are here for the long run.

Good choices, Is there any number/articles about these datas?

Yes. You can check that in our docs.

We are showing financial data on each step of the way.

Q: Besides this, how are revenue being generated for the project itself that could be used on future development?

Sure. Reinvestment is always necessary.

On top of tokenomics that will allow reinvestment, We are working on a 7 chapter NFT original sandman-endless comic.

We’ll auction each unique chapter, and reinvest profit into the project.

q: Everyday in maticnews we cover multiple projects, some of them are scam or just not safe. How safe is your project, I guess before doing any investment this is one of the area of concern that one will check upon. Is there any audits or KYC done?

It’s one of the most valid concerns in this space.

We have RugDoc Low-Risk Review + KYC, and Paladin Full Review.

As a security measure, we have a stealth presale and launch, therefore all contracts will be displayed later this week.

For safety, we have worked with the top-off-the-line Open Zepellin Team. We have implemented the latest contract version (0.8.3) and Open Zepellin Defender.

My recommendation is to always DYOR.

Please check extra info here:

q:Very good security measures, which code did you use as base for your project?

We took best practices from different places.

Goose, PolyCat, PolyCristal, Polywantsacracker, Panther.

But most of all, we did a ton of R+D.

Just a quick example, is OpenZepellin versions. We worked side by side with Open Zepellin in this. And got a cleaner (more secure) code.

q: Do you have a road map or long term plans that you can share with us? Some of our members here have invested in your presale, that’s why we invite you.

Yes, Sure!

Same as comic, we’ll have different sections (Sandman phases)

Section 1 — The endless — Prison and Liberation of Morpheous from the Endless

7 Layers ( each one with multiple improvements )

Section 2 — Sandman Reborn-

New token Sandman, Farming, IFO, DEX, AMM

Section 3 — Dream Country

Gambling with Chainlink Oracles

Section 4 — Season of Mists


DAO is also in our roadmap.

A lot more to come!

q: How much time will be available layer 1?

Aprox 2~3 weeks. Maybe a little more depending on Polygon blocks.

q: And last question, what do you think about polygon network?

I think it’s a great Network. The community is awesome. Very receptive.

Low gas fee allows to think dApps differently than others like BSC o ETH. Huge Advantage.

Great Network.



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